Black Guy in America

Dec 6

Tips to staying Stress Free during exams

OMFG it’s exam time!…. and you just want to get it over with….but you’re not confident in your ability to do well or something.. so your stressed out. I’ve got good news for you!! I have some tried and true methods to staying stress free… Less stress equals better exam grades :P

1. Take Breaks at least once every Hour while studying… you dont want to go 6 hours straight and end up like this

 …. yeah you didnt retain anything but sweet dreams lol

2. Stay Hydrated!  Nothing is worse than drinking a whole bunch of Energy Drinks and still feeling thirsty… Water is what will keep you comfortable while studying

 ”So fresh.. im not even mad that i have to study”

3.Stay well rested…. What good is studying all night long for a test if you’re going to be tired while taking it… Cramming is the worst thing you can ever do Human brains work better with time to let information sink in a bit… Get some sleep

 <—- or fall asleep during that test

4.Study in segments days before the test… not The Night before the test

 <—- when it doubt choose B…. right?… Shit

5. Have sex…If you followed the other 4 rules … then this rule will have you jumping for joy in the morning and not even WORRIED about the test you are about to pass… You can walk out of class smiling… for two reasons… heck maybe three lol

<— Look at how peaceful they are…

Black Guy Out!