Black Guy in America

Nov 2

Scaring the Shit outta People

So Im in this Building on the illustrious institution of Spelman College and i hear the voices of a couple of people speaking at the top of a stair case… I was bored and had some free time so i decided that it was high time to Scare the shit outta them… So I waited until they stopped talking for a second and started whistling the creepiest tune I could think of.  I heard one person say, “WTF is that?”  Note it was 11pm and most people had vacated this older building…. So I start whistling again.. this time a little more upbeat…. I hear rapid footsteps coming downstairs and a girl (outta breath) says ,”Hey was that you?”  I just stare at her and say, “What are you talkin about and start walkin up the stairs past her,She’s dumbstruck staring blankly at me as i walk up the steps then i start whistling the creepy tune again and i turn around and look at her like MJ in Thriller lol  then I bust out laughing and apologize for my behavior lol

Yes… It’s Fun… Try it…


1. You get to see their Face after you scare the shit outta them

Job application

2. You Get to Laugh at them for good minute

3. You get to apologize for scaring them to make them feel better


4. Then You get to do that Shit AGAIN

"OMFG HE’S BLACK!??!?!?" AHHH lol  

anyway Black Guy Out!